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Weekly group sessions in Tai Chi and Chi Kung (Tai Chi Kung)

These are practises, which if taught thoroughly and practised regularly, can improve health and well-being. These classes will be based on a two year syllabus and will start each term with basic skills and principles for new beginners (and integrated with Meditation/mindfulness from Oct 2022).They will involve a range of movements and forms or sets, occasional short simple meditations/visualisations and breathing exercises. All of them have been designed, within Chinese culture to maximise the flow and balance of Qi (internal energy) within the body. This  can help in overall health maintainance. These practises will be developed from three basic principles; Sinking and Rooting, Relaxation and Moving Together.

The weekly group sessions starting in Sept 2023 will continue the programme in Integral  Tai Chi, Meditation/Mindfulness and Qigong. Beginners will be welcome as we shall be starting with basics and from scratch. These  will be complete 2hour sessions and payable by the term. Please contact Tony directly on for further information.

Tai Chi and Qigong: Classes
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