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Working with both interior and exterior dimensions; true holism

According to Integral Philosophy or Meta-theory, currently Tony's overall guiding framework, there are two core dimensions of reality (which are also sub-divided into the individual and collective). They co-evolve, development in one reinforcing development in the other. They are the Interior dimensions of consciousness, subjective experience and intention and the Exterior dimensions of the physical world of matter and energy and the material or gross body. Exterior practises such as those based on bodywork, such as Tai Chi and much Chi Kung are considerably more effective in improving health and well-being if combined with interior ones such as mindfulness and meditation. 

Indeed Many of the Eastern practises such as Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Yoga and many martial arts originally included meditation often as a central part of their training but had that interior aspect removed or considerably watered down as they started to be taught in the West. From Oct 2022 Tony will be teaching Tai Chi Meditation/Mindfulness and Qigong in an Integrated way for those who wish to practise these skills in a more effective way as they potentiate the strengths and benefits of each other. This is true holism.

Buddho includes and integrates both dimensions to an even greater degree, utilising meditation, body and breathwork (as well as Energy Resonance, Therapy and Healing) and is a very powerful and profound Tantric system.  

Although Tony provides Buddho training on a different basis to his weekly training sessions, a brief introduction is given in Buddho during the weekly meditation classes which are also a good general introductory meditational foundation for Buddho, for those interested in taking up that developmental pathway. More information is given about the Buddho practises and training in the foregoing sections. 

Integrated Practise: Welcome
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