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Tony does not provide regular classes in Buddho (Jin Kei Do/EnerSense). If you are interested in training in these practises please contact Tony who will give you further information including a training syllabus.

Tony uniquely refers to both systems jointly as Buddho. These practises were brought to the West by a Tantric  Master Seiji Takamori and passed on to Dr Ranga Premaratna in the early 1990’s. Dr Premaratna named them Reiki Jin Kei Do and Buddho EnerSense. Tony prefers to omit the word Reiki from Reiki Jin Kei Do as he sees buddho as inherently and from its inception, significantly different in scope, purpose, focus (and often efficacy) than most Reiki, in spite of their own pretensions and additions. For a description of both practises, see next two sections. As well as being spiritual/transpersonal practises which at their core help the practitioner refine their consciousness tony also offers healing and energy therapy. Tony provides this with an agreement that the client give a small donation for each treatment to the charity of their own choice and a very small minimal fee. Tony also now gives training in each level of the wider Buddho practises (Jin Kei Do/EnerSense) on the same basis. This is apart from any other expenses accrued for premises, travel and a very small fee towards insurance. The hourly fee will now be based on the small fee charged for the Tai Chi Kung and Meditation classes.




The Path of Compassion and Wisdom

Jin Kei Do is based on an early form of Usui Do (eventually called Reiki as it evolved into more of a complementary therapy, particularly in the West). This was passed on to Takamori by his Buddhist teacher, while training as a Buddhist monk in a Japanese monastery. Alongside healing practises, It included a meditation, Buddho which originated from/within Vajrayana Buddhism. Jin Kei Do includes simplified forms of the Buddho meditations as a potential preparation for its later deeper practises/ training in Buddho EnerSense. Tony teaches Jin Kei Do with an emphasis on its healing dimension but meditation is still at the heart of these practises.

Reiki Treatment


Energy Sensing; the Seed of Clarity

Takamori found the meditation taught to him in Japan, as part of the Reiki practises so powerful and profound, that he went on a long journey eventually to the Himalayas. He there found a teacher of the original Vajrayana Tantric practises and trained with this master for a number of years. The system (originally called Buddho) includes Meditations, Mantras (sacred sounds) and Yantras (visual diagrams) and symbols (some of them unique to the Buddho system), Standing and moving practises (reminiscent of some Tai Chi stepping, Qigong and standing Yogas) as well as simple and advanced mudras (hand forms). It also includes unique and powerful/penetrative healing practises and in its advanced stages can lead to a refinement of consciousness into deep Jhana (Immaterial Attainments) or Samadhi. Symbols – The symbols taught in Jin Kei Do are similar to those used in most modern Reiki but are established in greater depth by the Symbols, Mantras and Yantras used in the Buddho EnerSense practises which reveal the historic, spiritual, semantic and formative origins of the Reik symbols and work at a deeper level of consciousness and energy. For those trained in mainstream Reiki minimal conversion training as well as attunements/empowerments in Buddho will be required. Please ask Tony for a Training syllabus.