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Weekly group sessions in Meditation and Mindfulness.(Chair or cushion/stool)

Weekly training in Meditation and Mindfulness (Integrated with Tai Chi and Qigong from Oct 2022) These practises can help many aspects of psychological functioning and be an adjunct and support to spiritual development as well as supporting health and well-being. They also offer a a sound meditational foundation for the Buddho practises for those wishing to follow that deeper holistic path. These classes will be based on a two year syllabus and will start each term with basic skills and principles for new beginners. They will be wide ranging including an introduction to and development of, core meditational skills as well as involving traditional contemplative and contemporary applications of meditation within a framework based on key dimensions of Integral Meta-theory. Sitting meditation will be practised according to students preference, in a chair or using a cushion or meditation stool. 

 The weekly group sessions starting in early October 2023will continue the 2year structured programme integrating  Tai Chi, Meditation/Mindfulness and Qigong. Beginners will be welcome as we shall be starting with basics and from scratch. These  will be complete 2hour sessions and payable by the term. Please contact Tony directly on for further information.


Meditation and Mindfulness: Classes
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