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Welcome to The Healing Space…

The Healing Space is the vocational practise of  Tony Birdfield, a qualified practitioner/instructor of Buddho (Reiki Jin Kei Do and Buddho EnerSense), Tai Chi/Chi Kung forms and has trained in non-invasive Chinese Medecine. Tony lives in Broadstone near Poole, Dorset where he teaches and practices Meditation/Mindfulness, Movement/BodyBreathwork, and Healing. 

From 2020 all profits which Tony accrues from his teaching (Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Meditation, Buddho and Healing) will be donated to charity.

All teaching/training that Tony provides will involve energy transmission, which enhances the experience, internal learning and experiential depth.

Tony is hoping to restart weekly classes/training in Meditation Mindfulness and Tai Chi and Chi Kung on 25 October 2020. Please vies the Classes, Groups, Training Times and Costs Section on this website.

Tony prefers to teach people to heal/treat themselves and help them develop real holistic autonomy/knowledge (if they are open to and ready for it) in order to avoid creating therapeutic dependence and co-dependency generally. That is why Tony teaches Chi Kung/Tai Chi, give basic Reiki attunements for self treatment (for chronic problems after a period of treatments) , teach Meditation/Mindfulness and the core Buddho (Reiki Jin Kei Do/Buddho EnerSense) practises and offer self-help prescriptions based on his knowledge of Chinese Medecine and Medical Qigong. Also for those who are open to extending their philosophical and TRULY HOLISTIC MAP of existence Tony is starting to bring in Integral Meta-Theory into his meditation training.  He also backs up any training fully with its underlying knowledge base for those who wish to avail themselves of this.

For those who are more interested in their own personal and spiritual development Tony has  over 40 years experience/training and working previously as a Mental Health Nurse and studying Eastern Martial Arts (and associated philosophies), Psychodynamic, Social and Drama Therapist, Emotrance Practitioner, Chi Power Sports Trainer and now as a Final Stage Teacher in the powerful and profound Buddho EnerSense practises. Tony has been doing additional personal development work (over the last 5 years) in Integral Theory and Practise. This has influenced him during its initial cultivation by Ken Wilber and later evolution by other individuals within and around the Integral Movement such as the group currently developing what is called Integral Metaphysical Spirituality (See Experience and Worldview section). He will be starting a new weekly group teaching structure (which will include Integral Mindfulness/Development) in September 2018. Please view the Classes, Groups, Trainings  section on the website for information on times and costs.

Reiki is a healing approach utilising a natural and totally safe energy. It can strengthen any healing process, detoxify, is deeply relaxing and can help manage pain. The approach Tony practises is very focused, powerful and penetrating and founded in Buddho or Buddho EnerSense, an ancient Indian/Tibetan Tantric Lineage and system of Meditation Movement/BodyBreathwork and Healing. Tony Teaches both systems, which he collectively calls Buddho (Reiki Jin Kei Do to master/teacher level & Buddho EnerSense to Final Stage) and uses their healing31energies and comprehensive practices in facilitating healing and spiritual development respectively. For those who wish to receive training in these practises, they are taught in developmental levels/stages seperately from the weekly classes. At the lower levels Tony sometimes teaches Buddho in small groups, at the more advanced levels Tony prefers to offer more individual tuition. These practises are for those who are interested in genuinely Integrating Meditation, Mindfulness, BodyBreathEnergywork and Healing, These are all dimensions which tend to be compartmentalised and separated in the modern world; leading to their being watered down. For those who are flexible in their worldview Buddho is, an excellent link between and a system which integrates, the core aspects of practises such as Tai Chi and Chi Kung, the Yogas, Reiki and other healing systems as well as Eastern and Buddhist Meditation practises.

Tony has also developed training in this unique system (Buddho RJKD/BE) with two supplementary modules. One is to help  Public Reiki Jin Kei Do Therapy practitioners develop in line with the UK Reiki Councils recommendations and standards . The other is to broaden Buddho EnerSense students and particularly would be teachers meditation skills and develop further insight into evolving views of Spiritual Development, particularly from Integral Philosophy.  Please view respective website sections or contact Tony for further information/syllabus.

An introduction to the Buddho core meditation/spiritual practises will be offered in the 1st and 2nd years of the weekly Meditation/Mindfulness sessions Starting Oct 2020. Please read appropriate section for further information.

Tai Chi/Chi Kung forms for Health and Well Being

Basic movement practices aided by correct breathing and sometimes with visualisation (Chi Kung). These practises help harmonise mind and body . They may be learned separately or together to facilitate health, fitness and holistic development.

Tony now only offers group training in Tai Chi and Qigong and will increasingly focus on teaching the core practises of Buddho individually or the early levels in small groups. Tony will also be holding weekly sessions in Meditation and Mindfulness  starting in early September 2018 (next annual teaching year starting Oct 2020). Because of the pandemic this will now restart in mid October. This includes quality structured training in a range of core classical eastern meditation and the latest developments in Integral Mindfulness. Please read appropriate section or/and contact Tony for further information or to book a place.

Tony is also trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and although Tony no longer offers full Tuina or Medical Qigong Therapy sessions, he does sometimes use acupressure and Chinese Medical  theory/philosophy to inform and alongside his other practises. Please view appropriate website section/s.

The only teacher training Tony offers is  to Master and Master/Teacher level of Reiki Jin Kei Do/Buddho Enersense and the 4th and  Final Stage of Buddho EnerSense, as he has decided to focus more of his energies to these very special practises. If you are trained in Takata Reiki (most common reiki) Jin Kei Do conversion will be required. If you are trained in Jin Kei Do 2nd degree Supplementary Training/Supervision will be required before training in Jin Kei Do 3b  (teaching component of Master Level). Please contact Tony if interested. All those who wish to teach will have to have done at least Buddho EnerSense Stages 1&2 in order to use and understand fully the origins of the Reiki Jin Kei Do Symbols. Training in these lineages (particularly as a teacher and the advanced stage of EnerSense) is a rigorous process and demands a considerable commitment to practise and meditation.

NB These practises offer something for all levels of interest, from the Tai Chi and Chi Kung classes, for those who just want a led weekly body/energy workout, core meditation/mindfulness training, to customised individual therapy/training,  through to the Buddho practises which require more of an ongoing level of commitment and SELF-discipline.

NB2 If ones goal is physical fitness (which is just one aspect of  health) one should also include a degree of aerobic exercise (appropriate to ones age) as most of these exercises do not continously involve the same, apart from some of the forms/sets such as the 5 animal exercises (a Qigong set sometimes taught by Tony) and some of the Pranayama exercises taught in Buddho. These practises are only mildly aerobic.

NB3 Because one is working with Chi,Ki or Prana (Subtle Energies) and not just the Gross physical body, to acquire maximum benefit from these kinds of disciplines, one should ideally practise regularly and not just during classes. Optimally a practise of at least 5/15 minutes 2 to 4 times a day will have a significant effect on overall health, the management of chronic conditions and mental balance. If ones goal is psychospiritual development then the maximum of this total amount of time is the minimum one should spend in some of the other practises such as Shamatha Meditation/Integral Mindfulness and Buddho meditation and its movement/bodybreathwork.

NB4 Buddho embraces all the physical benefits of Tai Chi and Chinese Qigong but much much more. 

For further information please read appropriate web pages

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