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Tony’s development and worldview has been founded upon a number of Experiences, Practises, Systems, Theories and Philosophies from both the East and the West.

Early 1970’s-Mid 1980’s. During this period Tony trained and worked as a Mental Health Nurse eventually being involved in settings utilising Therapeutic Community Principles. He trained as a Psychodynamic Nurse Therapist developing his Psychodynamic skills in a Community setting. He then went into Nurse Teaching eventually in the 1990’s becoming a lecturer in the Institute of Health and Community Studies at Bournemouth University and retired in 2007. He specialised in teaching Communication/Therapeutic Skills, Depth Psychology, Psychospiritual development and Holistic Thinking and Practise.

During this period he practised and taught Shotokan Karate specialising in Kata (forms)and won two trophies (one national and one regional) in the same.

Mid 1980’s-mid 1990’s. On the Western side his Psychiatric, Psychodynamic and Dramatherapy trainings/practise have been supported by his study of Object Relations and Kleinian Psychoanalytic thought as well as Jung’s Analytical Psychology. Tony also studied a wide range of Social/Behavioural Sciences in his first degree as well as Social Psychology and the study of Beliefs and Ideology from a multidisciplinary perspective.

During this period Tony studied Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology and over a number of years had personal experience of Brief Individual Crisis Therapy, Group Analytic Therapy (during training as a Psychodynamic Nurse Therapist), Psychodrama, Dramatherapy (During his training as a Dramatherapist) and three years in Jungian Analytic Therapy.

During this time Tony also practised shamanic journeying (American and Celtic) for a year or two as well as working with the Arthurian Mysteries through Meditation and Tarot.

Also at the beginning of this period he switched from teaching Shotokan Karate to practising and eventually teaching Taijiquan and Chinese Qigong while also studying, informally, Taoism and some Buddhism.

Mid 1990’s-present. From the mid 1990’s Tony practised Soto Zen meditation for three years and then spent  a number of years training and working with the Amida Trust, a charitable Buddhist organisation. During this time he gained further insight into Buddhist Psychology and experienced Naikan Therapy, a form of Buddist Psychotherapy.

From the early 1990’s to the beginning of the millenium Tony Trained in and worked as a Dramatherapist working both in the NHS with the mentally ill (Individual & Groupwork) and doing private work with individuals and families.

During this period in the late 1990’s Tony also embarked on training in Reiki Jin Kei Do and Buddho EnerSense (both of which Tony refers to as Buddho). This is a very comprehensive dual system of Meditation (Which is its core), Healing (based on an earlier development of Usui Reiki than the popular Takata lineages) and Movement/BodyBreathwork. Buddho EnerSense is a Himalayan Tantric tradition which (together with Jin Kei Do) fulfils the eight limbs of Yoga. After fifteen years of  very committed practises involving many thousands of hours of energy, meditation, mantra, yantra, symbol and bodybreathwork, Tony became authorised (in2013) to teach the whole of both systems. Buddho is Tony’s central practise (between 1 and 2hours per day).

In the early millenium Tony received empowerments within the Drugpa Kargyu lineage of Vajrayana Buddism including Medecine Buddha.

In 2004 Tony completed his MA in Transpersonal Arts and Practise the dissertation of which was based on qualitative research into the Spiritual and Transpersonal dimensions of Buddho.

During this period Tony also trained as an EmoTrance practitioner and Chi Power Sports trainer but no longer practises these disciplines. He also did a core Chinese medecine training focusing on Tuina (a form of Chinese Massage) and Medical qigong which includes energy transmission and exercise prescription. Although he no longer practises these therapies (apart from occasional exercise prescription and acupressure) he uses the knowledge and experience in his other energy therapy practise and teaching of Tai Chi/Qigong.

Since the early 1980’s Tony has also been reading a wide range of the writings of Ken Wilber and other Integral thinkers. From 2015-17 he studied more intensively, Integral Philosophy/Practises and Meditation/Mindfulness. During this time he completed online and audio training courses The Superhuman OS (Operating System), Full Spectrum Mindfulness and Living and Dying (Andrew Holocek). 

Integral Theory/Philosophy and Mindfulness/Meditation

Integral theory is a school of philosophy that seeks to integrate all of human wisdom into a new, emergent worldview that is able to accommodate the gifts of all previous worldviews, including those which have been historically at odds: science and religion, east and west, pre-modern, modern and post-modern. (from the Daily Evolver).

Wilber is one of the great philosophers of our time. He has evolved a way of understanding human consciousness and development in a way that has clarified for Tony many areas of his own experience and development both theoretical and practical. Tony has, over the last few years been partaking in some of the latest training in Integral Theory and Practise developing some of it in his own way, utilising some of his own past experience of meditation and therapy. The Integral view is a spiritually, scientifically and culturally inclusive way of understanding and evolving human development and consciousness. It can be seen as being a central part of the leading edge of Holistic and Spiritual Development and has relevance to all dimensions of living.

Integral Mindfulness. This is based, mainly on Wilber’s Integral framework which brings together the essence of traditional contemplative/meditation practises and modern scientific research into individual/cultural human development and evolution. Never before have these two fields of enquiry and practise been integrated in order to evolve a comprehensive process of personal and spiritual development at the leading edge of individual/cultural evolution.

Tony currently practises and teaches various meditation, movement, bodybreathwork practises (such as Taijiquan and Chinese Qigong) and tends to promote them in terms of their physical health benefits. However, he practises them himself as much for their psychospiritual dimensions as their physical effects. This was much more central in their evolution in the East. Although he introduces some of these latter aspects in what he calls his Tai Chi Kung classes he tends to promote this dimension more in The Buddho (Reiki Jin Kei Do/Buddho EnerSense trainings) in which he insists on more personal training, particularly in the more advanced levels.

Tony is particularly interested in and currently focusing on the ideas of a Group calling itself Integral Postmetaphysical Spirituality which seems to be spinning a lot of interesting plates at the moment.


Tony sees the Physical Universe (In Integral terms the Exterior dimension) as a constantly changing panoply of energies of various vibrational rates, constantly in motion and in an ongoing state of balancing and evolution. Tony sees the whole Universe and not just the earth as a living organism and one amongst many. All things from an atom to a tortoise to a human being to a star to a galaxy to a universe have a unique process and are impermanent but interconnected across and beyond the boundaries of space and time.

Alongside and interconnected with this exterior evolution is the evolution of consciousness (In Integral terms the Interior dimension) which requires a different set of tools for validation. Consciousness is everywhere in simpler and more complex forms according to its external comcomitant and evolved Exterior forms.

Subtle energy, which is mediated by the breath and consciousness, is a part of the Exterior evolution of the Gross physical body. It also becomes more complex as the physical Universe evolves, sentient beings having developed the most complex subtle energy structures. Any being who has developed and aligned their consciousness with the highest levels of subtle energy through spiritual practise and meditation have access to the most powerful and higher frequencies of energy, Qi or Prana.  Those beings who are totally or almost totally open to these energies often manifest occurences which seem supernatural such as miraculous healing, levitation or like Tony’s teachers teacher becoming semi-transparent. These are not Supernatural events because nothing is outside or seperate from nature. However they can certainly be classed as Meganatural.

The spiritual task of all beings is to let go into or  take part in this evolutionary process which ultimately leads us to come to embrace what Buddhists call the three signs of being; impermanence, affliction, and non-self. This requires the cultivation of wisdom which is based on seeing clearly (Vippassana) the Emptiness of all things (Shunyata) which means Empty of Seperateness. Buddho EnerSense at its more advanced levels encourages the practitioner to take their meditation into the highest Jhanic or absorptive states (according to their development). This paradoxically leads one into the becoming rather than merely knowing Shunyata at its highest (9th level). This is the most advanced form of development and consciousness: the Non-Dual State. 

Integral theory also emphasises individual/cultural Stages of Development (altitude) which are different from and unrecognised from States of Consciousness (developed in contemplative systems). Complete truly Holistic (and Spiritual) development needs to involve a recognition and actualisation of these levels as well as the other dimensions recognised by what is called AQAL (Quadrants of reality, Lines of development and types). Within this process one will also need to have worked on ones shadow or unconscious (again something not fully recognised within contemplative systems).

Postmodern Fundamentalism, of which New Ageism is often a mythical expression, is antagonistic to levels or altitudes of growth (Holarchy) and therefore is not able to fully support comprehensive holistic, spiritual and transpersonal development. This is sometimes reflected in the complementary therapy world where there is a tendency to suppress the notion of variation in quality/efficacy/depth of practise.

Also if one has developed an Integral Centre of Gravity one has a responsibility to nurture knowledge of and insight into altitudes of development and their healthy and unhealthy forms in oneself and others.

Fundamentally our individual psychospiritual task is to align Small Mind (the cognitive and relative mind) with Big Mind (the causal and absolute realm) which is ultimately undescribable. That is why Tony prefers to differentiate Relative Truth from Absolute Experience. The former can point to the latter (at its best) but cannot give us direct access to it. As Wilber says ( there are two types (or dimensions) of religious or spiritual practise. One is based on fundamentalist myth, story and belief and the other is based on the refinement and widening/deepening of consciousness through contemplative practise in order to directly experience and know Spirit. Our collective task is to help nurture the development of worldviews and cultures towards a state of inclusiveness and openess; the task of altitude development.

To Tony development (personal and collective) involves expanding our worldview and our notion of self (based on identification) from being exclusive to ultimately include the whole cosmos and of course all beings. If we can see through our dualistic way of construing the world and cosmos we become liberated. As Wilber says in No Boundary

 Thus the solution to the war of the opposites requires the surrendering of all boundaries, and not the progressive juggling of the opposites against each other. The war of opposites is a symptom of a boundary taken to be real, and to cure the symptoms we must go to the root of the matter itself: our illusory boundaries.

But, we ask, what will happen to our drive for progress if we see all opposites are one? Well, with any luck, it will stop—and with it that peculiar discontent that thrives on the illusion that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. But we should be clear about this. I do not mean that we will cease making advancements of a sort in medicine, agriculture, and technology. We will only cease to harbor the illusion that happiness depends on it. For when we see through the illusions of our boundaries, we will see, here and now, the universe as Adam saw it before the Fall: an organic unity, a harmony of opposites, a melody of positive and negative, delight with the play of our vibratory existence. When the opposites are realized to be one, discord melts into concord, battles become dances, and old enemies become lovers. We are then in a position to make friends with all of our universe, and not just one half of it.

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