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                 Buddho Healing/Reiki Therapy/ and Reiki Jin Kei Do Training

Reiki means ‘Universal Energy’. Buddho and Reiki healing are ways of working with another person (or oneself) through channelling energy manifested from the Universal Energy Field, using  non or light contact or distant healing. This can boost their ability to cope with physical, mental and spiritual dis-ease and suffering. Although Reiki is not a magic cure all (one should never promise to cure a specific illness) it can give a person an inner strength and energy which has a number of effects:- It brings about deep relaxation, Dissolves energy blockagesDetoxifiesSupplies healing universal life-force energy and Increases the vibrational frequency of the body (Lubeck,W. 1999)

Buddho/Reiki Healing/Therapy can be helpful in all sorts of situations. It can be used to alleviate some cases of pain, settle chaotic energy such as coughing and generally speed up any healing process. It is an excellent way of enabling relaxation dealing with stress or re-balancing emotions. The energy channelled through the practise of Reiki has NO harmful or negative side effects. Buddho/Reiki Healing/Therapy (in situ) involves the therapists placing his/her hands lightly on or near the clients body. The client may be sitting in a chair or lying down on a treatment couch.

Through his training and experience in BUDDHO, Tony can also work  directly with, the Aura (Energy field around the body), Chakras (Energy Centres), Channels and Points (Point Pulse); those trained in Buddho EnerSense develop a much deeper healing practise. Also through his training in Chinese Medecine can also work sympomatically or through energy diagnosis. This may include some of the techniques of Medical Qigong and/or Qigong Exercise Prescriptions as well as acupressure. He can also work through the breath, the eyes and meditative visualisation as well as of course through distant healing as well as using Mantras, Yantras and symbols (Buddho). Reiki Jin Kei Do is a unique form of Reiki involving personal development through the practise of meditation, energy cultivation and with a focus on channelling the energy therapeutically for self and others. Along with the Buddho EnerSense practises (which collectively Tony refers to as BUDDHO), Reiki Jin Kei Do can be considered as a very comprehensive and powerful system of Buddhist Chi Kung or Yoga.

The Origin/Story of Reiki Jin Kei Do Reiki Jin Kei Do (and Buddho EnerSense) was brought to the West by a Zen monk, Reiki and Tantric Master Rev Seiji Takamori. During his time as a monk in a rural Zen monastery in the early 20th century Seiji was taught Reiki Healing by his Zen Master. As part of his Reiki master training he was taught a special meditation (Buddho). He found this a very powerful/profound meditation and decided to go on a search for the ancient origins of Reiki to India and finally Nepal and Tibet. He eventually found a group of monks who recognised the meditation and some of the Reiki symbols. They directed him to a Tantric master who taught him the whole of the Buddho system over a period of seven years. Seiji eventually went to the United States where he transmitted the authority to develop and teach both systems to Dr Ranga Premaratna who named them Reiki Jin Kei Do (The Way of Compassion and Wisdom through Universal Energy) and Buddho EnerSense (The Energy/Seed of Enlightenment through Energy Sensing – See Section Buddho EnerSense). Ranga the Lineage Head of Reiki Jin Kei Do and Buddho EnerSense now lives in Sydney, Australia. To see Tony Birdfield’s interview with Dr Premaratna see links and other sources section.

Reiki Jin Kei Do Training. This involves both healing practises and a core meditation which is a simplified form of the Buddho Meditation. At first degree the student receives attunements which raise the energy levels of the energy centres (Chakras) and open the energy channels (Nadis) allowing the student to channel energy for healing self and others. One also learns a simple Qigong form developed from some aspects of the Buddho EnerSense practises. At second degree the student is attuned to, and given training in, the core symbols which allow a deeper and wider use of the energy. The attunements of Reiki Jin Kei Do (and the empowerments of Buddho EnerSense) are all given individually and are highly focussed. Students are also taught treatment protocols to work with the body, the aura (energy field), chakras (energy centres), marma points (equivalent to acupuncture points), nadis (Channels) and distant healing. At Master and Master teacher level the student is given further meditations, breathing exercises and the Master attunement/empowerment which gives the student the energetic authority to teach Reiki Jin Kei Do to others. Instruction is also given in performing the attunements. An introduction to Eastern Medical/Energy systems is given by Tony, particularly Traditional Chinese Medecine.

After training to second degree one may also go on to train in Buddho EnerSense. EnerSense will be for those who not only wish to practise therapy at a deeper level but much more for their own personal/spiritual development. Please read Section on Buddho EnerSense. Tony offers a Supplementary Training for Professional/Public Therapists for 2nd degree practitioners in line with the UK Reiki Council’s standards. This is also a pre-requirement for Tony’s full Reiki Jin Kei Do Master training (requirement for teaching). This can be completed alongside the master practitioner training prior to full master/teacher training. Conversion to Reiki Jin Kei Do is available for teachers/practitioners of other lineages of Reiki (2nd Degree/Masters).

For the full syllabus or more information/booking please e-mail/phone through the Contact Us section. Also for a full explanation of the history, philosophy and practise of Reiki Jin Kei Do there is an excellent publication Gooch,S. 2006 Reiki Jin Kei Do: The way of Compassion and Wisdom O Books Tony organises a twice yearly  Reiki Meditation/Support Group (for all Reiki Jin Kei Do students/practitioners), and a following session for Buddho EneSense Stage 2 practitioners. For information/dates/venue see Events & Workshops section.