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Session1– Shamatha or Absorption/Concentration Meditation. Each session will be based on the practise of Buddhist Shamatha meditation. This will involve the cultivation of concentration and mindfulness which is an essential core skill in wider meditation practises and life. This core ability is very important in the modern world which which tends to reinforce the Butterfly Mind. It can also help in the management of stress through its tendency to bring about states of peace and bliss which also have a direct therapeutic effect on physiological response. It strengthens any kind of Energy practise (Chi, Ki, Prana) as well as being important in guiding the transition of consciousness after death. This session will be particularly useful for those going on to further Buddho training and may include working with Yantras later in the year.

In the last term of Year 1, brief introductory training in The Buddho system (Reiki Jin Kei Do/Buddho EnerSense) will be given. This will be repeated as a recap in the second year along with further Tibetan Vajrayana (Tantric) practises. This Tantric system is primarily based on the development of shamatha meditation with the Subtle Energy System, Prana or Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy) as well its application in healing. However, these particular sessions will focus primarily on the meditational centre of the First Degree Reiki Jin Kei Do training. It will include the initial Chakra attunements, the introductory core meditations, the underlying philosophy of Buddho and a Qigong practise which is a simplified introduction to some aspects of the powerful and profound Tantric Buddho EnerSense practises, as well as a brief introduction to hands on self healing. Those wishing to partake in this terms training will have to agree to do the complete practises (including receiving the attunement/s if they haven’t already). They will also receive a certificate on completing the term and be able to join the 6monthly Buddho support groups. The training will not include the other aspect of first degree training ie the provision of  Healing/therapy with others, although there will be a brief introduction to self healing using the hands. Those wishing to complete the full first degree training will need to negotiate receiving this other dimension of the training at another time. The sessions (S1) during this term will be primarily focussed on introducing the utilisation of meditation and energy practise as part of a personal and spiritual development pathway. It will also be a useful starting point for those wishing to continue further training in the Buddho system (See website section on Buddho, Reiki Jin Kei Do and Buddho EnerSense). Also this part of the training will be combined with session 2 as a continous practise.

Session 2– Integral Mindfulness – Vippasana/Insight These sessions are based primarily on Integral Theory and Meditation and involve developing the practise and understanding of states of consciousness (waking up) and applying that to illuminate structure stages (growing up) and the four quadrants of reality (showing up). Although this will be based on Wilber’s model (See Experience and Worldview section) the structure and some of the exercises will be the result of Tony’s own way of working with these practises so as to provide a more complete introduction for novices. Integral Mindfulness may be seen as an extension and an evolution of Vippasana or Insight practise and is at the leading edge of the development and comprehensive understanding of spiritual development as well as Kosmic evolution.    

NB Also training in The Five Rites of Rejuvenation Tibetan Yoga (moving Asanas) may be available over a series of weekend sessions. Please ask for more information.