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WEEKLY CLASSES (From early September 2018)

TUESDAYS  Meditation and Mindfulness Training 6-7pm (2year syllabus).

THURSDAYS Taijiquan (Tai Chi) and Qigong Form Training 6-7pm The Tai Chi forms covered  will be Yang 8/16 form and 24 Step Yang Form (2year syllabus).

Each class will be taught with a structured two year syllabus which will start in September 2018.

Each class will cost £5.  Two classes in one week will cost £8

All regular classes (and Buddho Support Group) below will be based at Broadstone Community and Arts Centre, Dunyeats Road, Broadstone, Dorset, BH188AB.

NB current students who regularly attend the above classes will be eligible for a 20% discount on all Buddho trainings during periods of regular attendence.

For further information please read appropriate sections on the website or and full syllabus  please contact Tony.

NB Tony is also available to lead, introductory workshops or other more advanced sessions such as the Yang 88long form or sword forms (32 &56) for any group who wish to use his services and organise sessions themselves by arrangement. (usually Winter weekend sessions). Usual fee is £30 an hour. 

Treatments in Buddho/Reiki Jin Kei Do Healing/Acupressure. £20 per treatment. Concessions & Tony’s regular weekly class students £10 per session. (30-60minutes). Please contact for free consultation. Attunement, meditation and self healing instruction also available for those who suffer from Chronic conditions or/and need to self treat regularly.

Dorset  twice yearly Meditation/Support Sessions for Buddho (Reiki Jin Kei Do and Buddho EnerSense) students and practitioners. These sessions will take place twice yearly in early Winter and Spring. Next date is Sunday 7th April 2019. Session 1 9-9.50am cost £2 Reiki Jin Kei Do 1st Degree (Including Buddho introductory students from Meditation Group).  General Meditations shamatha/vippasana, Reiki circle, Meditation, 6pt practise.  7Purifying Breaths. Questions/answers/information sharing. Session 2  Reiki Jin Kei Do 2nd degree and above 11.00am-12.00 Cost £2 Seated paired chakra strengthening or/and chakra/aura/marma Takamori treatment swop, further symbol meditations, questions/answers. Session 3 Anyone trained to Stage 2 Buddho EnerSense and further. Meditation, Mantras, Pranayama, Chi Nadi exercises, symbol/yantra practise, Information and Sharing (Cost £2). £5 For all sessions for those who have completed the Core Training (RJKD 2 BE 2) Venue is Broadstone Community and Arts Centre, Dunyeats Road, Broadstone, BH188AB. 


Reiki Jin Kei Do first degree training. (Introduction to the wider Buddho practises) If interested in training in these unique energy meditation and healing practises in 2018/19 please contact  Tony for further details or to register interest. Training fee £100. Reiki Practitioners (2nd degree) and Masters from other Usui/Takata lineages can get conversion to Reiki Jin Kei Do. Please contact Tony for details.    

Buddho EnerSense Training Stages 1&2 and above. Please contact Tony for details. Please note that the minimum pre-requirement to embark on this training is being trained in and attuned to 2nd Degree in Reiki Jin Kei Do (RJKD) or in the case of Takata lineage 2nd degree practitioners attunement and conversion to RJKD; as well as a significant period of consistent and regular meditation practise. There is a full explanation on the Website under the 3 sections Buddho: Reiki Jin Kei Do and Buddho EnerSense. Please read this thoroughly before making a decision to contact. If you think you are definitely interested and qualify, please ask Tony for further details, more in depth information and possible learning pathways. There is also a text by Steve Gooch inexpensively available in softback and Kindle called Reiki Jin Kei Do: The Path of Compassion and Wisdom. The only full text published on a specific Reiki lineage.