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Buddho EnerSense Training

An extension of Reiki Jin Kei Do training for second degree practitioners and above. Available for those who wish to deepen and broaden their connection to Universal/Sacred energy (Ki, Chi or Prana). An ancient Indian/Tibetan Lineage and system of personal and spiritual development (and one of the origins of Usui Reiki).

Buddho EnerSense is the central element of Tony’s daily practise.

EnerSense – A development of Reiki studies in the Takamori lineage incorporating secret spiritual teachings of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism. The EnerSense system incorporates, meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), visualisation, mantras(sounds), yantras(visual devices) and symbol studies and use. It is thought to be the origin of the Reiki System of natural healing and the symbol system, mantras and yantras underpin it structurally and symbolically. They take the practises to a much deeper level.

Buddho Meditation – Transmitted by Mikao Usui to Chujiro Hayashi to Sensei Takeuchi and extended/deepened further through research with Tibetan Lamas by Seiji Takamori. These meditation cycles, which are central in Tibetan Tantric practises, are the basis of the central meditational spine of both systems of practise (Reiki Jin Kei Do and Buddho EnerSense) and the foundation of the psychospiritual dimension of Buddho.

Chi-Nadi Exercise – Dynamic exercise is part of a balanced spiritual practise of awareness of body, speech and mind which brings together meditation, physical movement (including the use of simple and advanced mudras or hand seals and Asanas or postures practised in a moving pattern or form) and activation of the Interior and Exterior Nadis (Energy Channels). These exercises further energise and strengthen/open ones gross physical and subtle energy bodies respectively.

Buddho EnerSense training also includes further healing techniques and practises: ones therapeutic and healing practise transforms to another level of energetic depth and penetration.  Relevant background information in Ayurvedic Philosophy and medicine as well as Buddhist Psychology is also given by Tony at the advanced levels.

Buddho generally and EnerSense specificially, is an essential practise for those therapists who become extremely depleted and who have never had or lack an adequate connection to the Universal Energy Field, a very common but often denied situation.

With regular practise Buddho training can improve many aspects of ones physiological functioning as well as strengthen ones energetic defence system whereby common illnesses often have minimal sympomatic effects.  However Tony emphasises EnerSense as a system of spiritual practise and transpersonal development focusing on deepening ones consciousness of mind, body, breath, and energy.

Tony has found that working with the energy at these deeper transpersonal levels can also increase one’s creative potential. As with many Tantric practises one begins to become one with both the stillness of the Ground of Being the manifestation of energy from that ground/source (involution) and its evolutionary unfolding in the manifest universe. As Diperna (2014) states:

Spirit reaches down into causal potential, which reaches down into the subtle ideation, which then reaches down into its manifestation of pure creativity, all in the flash of a single instant.

Buddho EnerSense, has a structure very similar to, and historical connection with, Highest Yoga Tantra of Tibet. It extends and intensifies ones relationship with Universal Energy and if practised sincerely and with full commitment can lead to highly advanced meditational states. It takes many aspects of the other practises which Tony teaches (particularly Reiki Jin Kei Do) and develops them in an even more focussed way. Tony sees the Buddho system as the fulfillment and epogee of his studies in Eastern meditation, movement/bodybreathwork and healing. It is his central daily practise (1/2 hours).

These practises demand a degree of patience. They require and deserve a certain level of commitment (especially at the more advanced levels) and are not for those who flit from one New Age practise/therapy to another.
As with Reiki Jin Kei Do, Tony has created a Supplementary Training module mainly  for those who wish to go on to teach Buddho EnerSense, although it will also be useful for this who just wish to train up to Stage 3a and go on to use EnerSense as a life practise without teaching or training to a more advanced level. This includes further training in meditational depth or absorption (Shamatha), and including some developments in the understanding of Spiritual Development mainly taken from Integral Philosophy and including further Vipassana (Insight) training.
Training available to Buddho EnerSense Final Stage.
For the full syllabus or more information/booking, please e-mail/phone through the Contact Us section.

NB Tony now includes a session for EnerSense Stage 2 practitioners in his twice yearly Buddho/Reiki Jin Kei Do support/meditation sessions. Please view Classes, Training Events section.