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Tony will be starting a weekly meditation/mindfulness group in early September please view his website for further information. This will involve training in both Shamatha or concentration/absorption and Vippasana or insight practise based on Classical spiritual practises and the latest developments of Integral Theory/Philosophy applied to Spiritual/Consciousness development. This will also include an introduction to the Tantric Buddho practises.

The Eastern systems of meditation, movement bodybreathwork and healing which Tony Birdfield teaches all involve mindfulness as a core dimension. Please view Tony’s website for further information or call 01202601412.

Reiki means Universal/Spiritual Energy. It is a natural healing energy which does no harm. It is most commonly applied through hands on treatments although can be channelled from a distance.

Reiki is harmless, brings about deep relaxation and can quicken any healing process.

Please contact Tony Birdfield for details and information on 01202601412 or email him < or view his website

First Degree Training in Reiki Jin Kei Do

The initial stage of the unique practises of the BUDDHO    Healing, Meditation,MovementBodyBreathwork System

AT: Broadstone Community & Arts Centre

ON:  No current traing planned. Please contact Tony to register interest

Cost: £100. Deposit £20 to book a place

Teacher: Tony Birdfield   Accredited International  Master Teacher Buddho(Reiki Jin Kei Do/Buddho EnerSense)

For more info/syllabus or to register interest contact Tony       01202 601412      email