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BUDDHO  is the overall  name that Tony gives to both related practises of Reiki Jin Kei Do (RJKD) and Buddho EnerSense (BE). Tony teaches Reiki Jin Kei Do with an emphasis on the Therapeutic/Healing dimension of practise and Buddho EnerSense primarily as a Spiritual Discipline/Development. However there are strong elements of both dimensions in both practises.
Tony has updated Buddho training with the two supplementary modules which can be completed alongside (or just before) the initial 3rd Degree and Stage 3a Master trainings.

Tony views the primary founding modern teacher of Buddho as the late Seiji Takamori, a highly accomplished Tantric Master. According to Takamori:

….Reiki Energy has made many ready and open to receive this method which involves further development of the mind and body for deeper healing.     (Buddho EnerSense Stage 1 Training Manual -Dr Ranga Premaratna Lineage Head)

It needs to be remembered that Dr Usui the founder of Modern Reiki (he actually called his system Usui Do, not Reiki) saw what he practised and disseminated primarily as a method of spiritual progress and development. He had minimal interest in it as a hands on healing therapy. This is the spirit underlying these practises. Hands on healing is just one method amongst many of beginning or enhancing the process of personal/transpersonal development for oneself and others.

Buddho is an ancient system that is one of the foundations of Usui Reiki. Training in Buddho equips one with a wide ranging skills base for Buddhist Vajrayana and Tantric meditation, movement/body/breathwork and a very broad healing practise. As one works through the different levels one’s relationship with Universal/Sacred Energy gradually deepens to a remarkable level.

At its more advanced levels (Buddho EnerSense) one develops the ability to enter into deep Jhanas or Absorptions using Prana/Qi/Ki as a vehicle; advanced meditative processes which help refine consciousness to an extremely high level. This ability also significantly enhances ones utilisation of the energy within its therapeutic application.

Buddho may be described as an ancient system of Buddhist Tantric Qigong or Yogic practise which began its development in India many centuries ago (See Tony’s series of articles in Focus:The  Journal of Reiki Jin Kei Do UK Issues 1,2,3&4 now available free on Steve Gooch’s website Reiki Jin Kei Do International . It fulfils the Eight Limbs of Yoga as outlined in Patanjali’s ancient Sutra (See above journal articles). It will have developed or evolved alongside or within Vajrayana/Tantric Buddist practises into Tibet and Nepal and of course eventually Japan where it was the central influence in the development of modern Reiki.

These practises are taught in stages. Tony teaches the first two levels of Reiki Jin Kei Do/Buddho EnerSense to small groups or individuals. The more advanced levels he only teaches individually. Tony is authorised to teach all levels of these practises having completed Final Stage training in Buddho EnerSense with Dr Premaratna (lineage head) in January 2013 after 15 years of fairly intensive Meditation, BodyBreathwork and Healing practise. Please contact Tony for further details and complete syllabus.

Tony also offers what he calls a Condensed Training in Buddho for those who are simply interested in their own personal/spiritual development/healing and not as a healing/complementary therapy practise with others/the public or teaching. The Condensed Training  involves the first three  levels (including Master foundation level) of the Meditation/MovementBodyBreathEnergyWork(with self healing) practises of Reiki Jin Kei Do/Buddho EnerSense only.

All full Buddho training includes certificate of completion, manuals, free email/phone support and one free full day review for those having completed the core practises (Reiki Jin Kei Do/Buddho EnerSense 1st/2nd degree and Stages 1&2 respectively).

NB1 To do justice to these practises (particularly Buddho EnerSense), Tony prefers to teach them to people who intend some degree of commitment to personal and meditational practise. They are not for those with a Dunnit, Been There got the New Age Reiki TShirt mentality. They have their origins in Tantric practises, the Masters of which dedicated their whole lives to the development of their consciousness. Spiritual/Transpersonal growth always entails some kind of sacrifice. That is not to say that one is expected to spend unrealistically long periods of time sitting in meditation. However one should be willing, at least, to build in the practises within ones daily routine (in a realistic way taking into account ones other life commitments). The practises need to become part of ones personal lived process, not something one does just on a Tuesday night because there is nothing better to do. This is what the DO (WAY) of Reiki Jin Kei Do means.

Tony is interested primarily in giving those individuals who are genuinely motivated, quality developmental training in these Tantric practises, NOT in creating a personal Reiki Empire through mass training and production line attunements.

NB2 It is not necessary to become a practising Buddhist to learn these practises. However, Tony teaches them in a way which does not disguise their cultural and spiritual origins.

NB3 The Attunements/Empowerments of Buddho (as done by Tony) are highly focussed, powerful and performed individually and directly in person in a single session. No channelled material or distant attunements are used, passed on or taught. As Menos & Menos (1989) indicate: 

In all cases , channelling represents a subliminal pathway to subjugating one’s mind to another agency, and does not lead to self-mastery and unfoldment which is universally described by sages as the preparation for spiritual awakening. (Menos & Menos 1989 The Institute for Consciousness Research).


Magical thinking can, at worst, promote fixation on developmentally primitive modes of reason that are dangerously pre-ethical.  (Murray,T. 2019 Integral Review:Integral Postmetaphysical Spirituality)

The universal law that anything created faces destruction applies to the entire Kosmos, to the spectrum of Consciousness and Life, to Gods and gollums alike. Only the promordial One Knower remains. And for us, it remains to know the One Knower. (Lex Neale Knowing the Knower: The Integral Science of Self 2015)

NB 4 A brief introduction to the Buddho core practises will be offered in the 1st and 2nd years of the weekly Meditation/Mindfulness sessions From Sept 2018. Please read appropriate section or contact Tony for further information.