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Students will be able to take part in any or all of the three sessions (30mins each with a 5minute change over/rest period at the beginning of each session). Please view classes, Groups, Training, times and costs section. Also enrol early as their will be limited places.

Session 1- Tibetan Yoga/Meditation. These sessions will be based on the Five Rites of Rejuvenation (Sometimes called the 5 Tibetans). The session will end with a short sitting meditation (cushion, kneeling or chair) period with practises taken from Tibetan Vajrayana/Tantric Buddhism. Those wishing to do the full 5Tibetan practises will need to be reasonably flexible, and have no major joint or other relevant physiological problems. However, for those less physically able, there will be alternative modified practises introduced from the beginning as part of the training exercises some of which can be substituted for all of the full practises. The Five Tibetans are said to potentiate longevity. The practises, including the initial training/substitute exercises also help to evolve general physical fitness (including core strength), as well as balancing Qi,Ki or Prana (Life Force Energy). This is necessary to fully benefit from and comprehensively practise meditation and will therefore be an appropriate supplement (and warm up) to the later Meditation/Mindfulness sessions. These exercises are also mildly aerobic, if enough repetitions are done. Like session 2 particularly, this class will also be a useful preparation and complement to those intending to continue on to training in the Buddho practises (a much more powerful, profound and comprehensive  Tibetan Tantric Yogic system) , as well as complementing Tony’s other classes in Taijiquan and Qigong. However to do training in Buddho one does not have to be particularly flexible.

Session2- Shamatha or Absorption/Concentration Meditation. Each session will be based on the practise of Buddhist Shamatha meditation. This will involve the cultivation of concentration and mindfulness which is an essential core skill in wider meditation practises and life. This core ability is very important in the modern world which which tends to reinforce the Butterfly Mind. It can also help in the management of stress through its tendency to bring about states of peace and bliss which also have a direct therapeutic effect on physiological response. This session will be particularly useful for those going on to Buddho training and may include working with Yantras later in the year.

Session 3- Integral Mindfulness – Vippasana/Insight These sessions are based primarily on the work of Ken Wilber and involve developing the practise and understanding of states of consciousness (waking up) and applying that to illuminate structure stages (growing up) and the four quadrants of reality (showing up). Although this will be based on Wilber’s model (See Experience and Worldview section) the structure and some of the exercises will be the result of Tony’s own way of working with these practises so as to provide a more complete introduction for novices. Integral Mindfulness may be seen as an extension and an evolution of Vippasana or Insight practise and is at the leading edge of the development and comprehensive understanding of spiritual development as well as Kosmic evolution.